Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd (“Sollet”) reserves all rights to change, modify or alter these terms and conditions at any point of time with or without notifying existing Clients, Users and Subscribers. Both Parties (Sollet and Client), hereby agree to the following:


a.CLIENT shall be solely responsible for the content of messages forwarded to the intended end users.
b.In case of India, SMS shall be of standard 160 maximum character length and for Unicode, it will be 70 Characters. To clear any doubt both Parties will follow GSM standard for messaging count.
c.CLIENT undertakes that it will not use or permit a third party (such as one of its CLIENT’s) to use the Services for any illegal, immoral or improper purpose or in any manner which contravenes the rights of any third party (including, without limitation, any Mobile Subscriber), any laws or requirements of a Regulator or Operator in the appropriate jurisdiction or in any way which is indecent or offensive or in any way that could be considered as Spamming.


a.Intellectual property rights in all software, information, technology or data whatsoever supplied by either Party under the Agreement shall remain the property of that Party or its licensors.
b.Each Party here by agrees that, during the term of this Agreement, they can include the other Party's logos, testimonials in its marketing/advertising activities or promotional literature, free of charge.


SOLLET provides support to its clients by phone or email. Any technical questions related to the service or platforms will be answered by the 14x7 (8AM-10PM) support team representatives. The CLIENT is asked to make sure to always address the issues in the English language only. You can call to our Toll Free number, which is provided in the website www.solletbuzz.com.
a.Scheduled Activities:
Both parties agree to notify each other in reasonable time before any scheduled activities take place, which may affect the quality and/or performance of the service(s).
b.Unauthorized Use:
Resulting from the unauthorized use or misuse of any application and/or system, will be processed by the Messaging platform as a regular incident as provided by the obligations resulting from the present Service Level Agreement. Any costs resulting from this type of failures will be charged to the CLIENT.


a.SOLLET shall not be held liable for any failures resulting from technical deficiencies related to third party software or from network connectivity providers. Any objection to the changes in this document should be notified by CLIENT to SOLLET Management in writing within thirty (30) days of the notified change, else the changes shall be deemed to have been accepted.
b.Limitation of liability: SOLLET’s liability shall be limited to the total amount invoiced to the customer in the 3 months preceding the incident that gives rise to the liability.
c.Neither party shall be held liable for consequential or indirect damages or loss of profit of any kind except with regards to death or personal injury. Acts or omissions done by gross negligence shall not be limited with respect to liability.
d.If any part of this Service Level Agreement contradicts any part of the business contract established between SOLLET and the CLIENT, the Business Contract will have precedence.
e.Any disputes that may arise out of this shall be governed by the laws of India and both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hyderabad.