Case Studies

Stock Broking firms

Jayden running a stock broking firm for the past 7 years. He is very good at analysing the market situations and he has highly skilled research team comprising of technical analysts, as well as fundamental specialists, secured result oriented information on market trends, market analysis and market predictions. Jayden with his promising team‘s efforts helped him to grab 332+ clients for his firm. They offer trading on a vast platform; National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and Hyderabad Stock Exchange. More importantly, they make trading safe to the maximum possible extent, by accounting for several risk factors and planning accordingly. They are assisted in this task by their in-depth research, constant feedback and sound advisory facilities. This crucial information is given as a constant feedback to our customers, through the following daily reports which are delivered to them thrice a day: 1) The Pre-session report, where market scenario for the day is predicted. 2) The Mid-session report, timed to arrive during lunch break where the market forecast for the rest of the day is given. 3) The Post-session report, the final report for the day where the market and the report itself is reviewed.
So as most of his clients are busy with their hectic daily schedule and many works in their field tasks where they doesn’t have an opportunity to view the reports, it’s getting tougher for Jayden to communicate and share reports with their clients. Also Jayden needs instant reply from their clients regarding their acceptance on selling/buying of shares. This problem effected Jayden badly and he is in a situation of losing some of his esteemed potential clients from his business. Jayden took this issue seriously and he is in search of a solution where he can solve this issue. Finally he found a solution in the form of Sollet’s sBuzz as the right product where he can become a Client for sBuzz. He got a User interface for his Stock Broking for sending manually like best trading practices, reports etc to their Clients. Each Client can have sBuzz application installed available for all mobile operating systems. Jayden can also integrate his Stock Broking IT systems for automatic delivery of information and PDF, Document files to the Clients instantly. He has seen sudden improvements in efficiencies of his staff, and satisfaction levels among-st the Clients as they can communicate their approval instantly.