Case Studies


Malayan started real estate business in the year 2008. He is successful in networking which made him to acquire 165+ Clients in these 6 years of journey. He has almost 150+ Agents working with him. He has handled and successfully completed many projects with various construction companies in Hyderabad. Every week at least 25-50 people approach him for the flats and villas with their own requirements and specifications. Many builders approach him in getting leads for those flats and villas which they construct. Malayan follows a different strategy of operation where many real estate companies are shocked and want to know the secret behind his success in generating revenue for his business. Malayan earns about 75 Lakhs to 1 Crore turnover every year with very low investment of Time & Money.
Competitors are amazed of these facts and started to find out the operating strategy of his business which is different from others. They found that Malayan is using a tool which helps him and his Clients in generating value in the business in a smarter way. It almost reduces cost, time, and efforts for him and his Clients. Malayan using Sollet’s sBuzz product where he can become a Client for sBuzz. He got a User interface for his Real estate IT for sending manual information, to the Customers regarding the specific property deals like price per square feet, Area, Finance option, Amenities in form of SMS, Images , Videos etc. They can also share picture of the flats and villas to attract the Customers. So Customers like those pictures and facilities they walk down to visit the place, if they don’t like it they can avoid the visit which reduces cost and time of Customers.
Malayan can also broadcast testimonials of people acquiring their dream home via messages, video and images to all registered users. Each Agent and Customer can have sBuzz application installed available for all mobile operating systems. Malayan can also integrate his real-estate IT systems for automatic delivery of information and PDF, Document files regarding their promotions on villas and flats their specifications and unique selling points to registered Candidates as per their requirement in groups instantly. He has seen sudden improvements in efficiencies of his Clients, and satisfaction levels amongst the Customers.