Case Studies

NGO / Aid

A Philanthropist by name Nirmal has worked in USA for a reputed Multi National Company for 10 years. After this, he came back to India to stay with his Parents. He started an NGO Firm and serving the society for the past 15 years. He believed is a statement “A Healthy Mother and a Healthy Baby means a productive nation on the fast track to Growth.” His vision is to work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of under privileged children, youth and women with life cycle approach of development. His Organization reaches to 300,000 under privileged children, youth and women annually. His Organization has worked with 158 projects on subjects like Education, Healthcare, Youth employability, and Empowerment of Women and Girls across 24 states in India. They are 50,565+ volunteers who are supporting this Organization in conducting programs at multiple locations.
Every year they get contributions from various Organizations, Colleges and from the Government to continue and support their activities. Nirmal realized that they have failed in informing their Contributors regarding their programs and activities they conduct regularly. He also realized that promoting their programs and activities can add some value in obtaining further Support in the form of monetary and non-monetary ways. So he started promoting his programs and activities in a traditional approach but it didn’t add any value. Nirmal failed to communicate to his volunteers within the required time about the program schedule dates at different locations in advance. Hence very few of them participated and some didn’t know the activities within the program.
Charmesh got an idea to promote their services with images and doc files and even with local language text messages. Thus they approached in the market with these requirements and they found Sollet’s sBuzz as the right product where Nirmal can become a Client for sBuzz. He got a User interface for his Organization for sending manual information, program schedules and activities etc to their Stakeholders & Contributors. Each volunteer can have sBuzz application installed available for all mobile operating systems. Nirmal can also integrate his Organization IT systems for automatic delivery of information and promotional images and vernacular long text messages instantly. He has seen sudden improvements in getting more support from the public in time, and satisfaction levels among-st the volunteers and Stakeholders. Now he is planning to expand his activities for further regions in supporting more under privileged Women and Children etc.