Case Studies

Hotels & Resorts

Surya started with a small hotel at Ameerpet, Hyderabad in the year 2000. He is successful in acquiring Customers with his quality and now he is grown to establish various branches in Hyderabad and Bangalore. He is successful in maintaining 4 Hotels, 1 Resort in Hyderabad and 3 Hotels, 1 Resort in Bangalore. Almost 1000+ employees are working under him. He is good at networking that made him successful in running Resorts in Bangalore and Hyderabad. So far he has almost 100+ Clients from Corporate and 120+ Colleges visiting his Hotels and Resorts for refreshment. He usually provide Play, Interact and Unwind Services which attracts everyone.
Surya understood that as he is living in a competitive world and he needs to think big and beyond others and had to start his operations in different way. He understood that he needs to promote his services to sustain in this competitive business environment. He started discussing with his Marketing team regarding the results and growth from the past 5 years in acquiring Customers. Then he started looking at competitors business and analyzing their operational methodology. So finally he realized that the returns are not matching the investment for Marketing. One of his mangers explained about a product which he has seen in the market for past 2 months in his friend’s business running a Real Estate and it showed exceptional results at very high conversion rates within short duration of time.
Surya interested about that communication tool, Sollet’s sBuzz as the right product where he can become a Client for sBuzz. He got a User interface for his Hotel & Resorts IT for sending manual information to the group of potential Customers and he can also group and vary the loyal and normal customers in the form of groups. Surya can also broadcast Testimonials of their client’s feelings and images and videos to all Registered Users. Each Employee and Client/Customer can have sBuzz application installed on their Mobile (available for all mobile operating systems). Surya can also communicate with their Branch Employees at different locations instantly about their operations .Surya can also integrate his IT systems for automatic delivery of information, PDF, Document files, images etc related to Offers, Discounts and facilities in the hotels and resorts to the Registered Clients instantly. He has seen sudden improvements in efficiencies of his employees and satisfaction levels in Clients/Customers.