Case Studies

Advertising & Event management

Kailas running an event management firm for the past 2 yrs. He is successful with the support from his team in conducting events and making them successful. They can create concepts that are uniquely sculpted to reflect their brand, their message, and their objectives. They can also help their Clients in achieving their goals by communicating with their target audience in a pleasant manner. They have acquired 105 + Clients in 2years. They have 50 Clients at Schools & College level, 35 Clients around Corporate level, 20 clients at Personal level. Schools & College level includes Annual day celebrations, Inter and Intra school contests, Sports day celebrations and College Festivals. Corporate level includes Corporate events, Exhibitions, Marketing Campaigns, Conferences, Product Launches and Brand development Activities. Personal level includes Birthday celebrations, Social gatherings, Engagements and Weddings.
Kailas is facing tough situations as there is rapid growth in acquiring Clients and it’s getting tougher for him to handle public relations i.e. to manage Clients, their Agents and a vast gamut of professionals, whom they meet in their line of profession. They also face problem in marketing their idea to their Clients in order to make their events memorable. It’s getting tough for the team to inform to Clients regarding the schedules, activities, and plans with in time. They also failed in believing the fact that this industry thrives on the shoulders of personal networking and they must have the ability to utilize it and expand it in their favour. He is also confused with Clients of various verticals in sending promotional messages. So he is in search for a solution where he can resolve these issues and to develop his business smartly.
Kailas found a solution in the form of Sollet’s sBuzz as the right product where he can become a Client for sBuzz. He got a User interface for his IT System for sending promotional messages, sharing images, sending documents, etc manually to their Clients. Each Client can have sBuzz application installed available for all mobile operating systems. Kailas can view his Clients on Category/Vertical basis & also he can integrate his Event Management IT systems for automatic delivery of information and PDF, Audio, Video, Document files to the Clients instantly. He has seen sudden improvements in efficiencies of his staff operations, and satisfaction levels among-st the Clients as they can communicate their Activities/ Scheduled program events instantly.