Case Studies

Travel & Hospitality

Shamed was involved in Travel & Hospitality industry for the past 4 years. Now he started his own firm as he had good experience and rapport with 68 Travel Agencies. He understood the importance of the Customer delight and Touch points clearly in this business. He understands the clear fact that, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and Customer Engagement are the key drivers for any business. As he has seen many issues and problems Customer faces when he is working under Rahul, he changed his operations with an innovative product which delivers all those key drivers in his business.
Rahul was successful in acquiring Clients, but he failed in the Customer engagement and retention. There were many complaints from the Customers that, there is no proper information regarding pickup vehicle and he failed in providing comfortable travel trips from one location to the other. There were no proper information regarding delays and confirmation message from them apart from normal receipt. He failed to drop the passengers at their intimated schedules. There were no promotional messages regarding tour packages and other discount offers to the Customers to engage and retain them.
Shamed with Sollet’s sBuzz Application updated his process of communication to his passengers in a smarter way. Each Customer can have sBuzz Application installed on their mobile and is available for all mobile operating systems. Shamed will get a UI interface for his company for sending manual information including Tours packages, Schedules, Offers & Discounts etc to their Customer base. Usage of sBuzz application generated a delight for Shamed & passengers which in turn lead to generate higher revenues for Shamed. The good part is, Shamed is also planning to integrate his IT systems with Sollet sBuzz for sending automatic information.