Case Studies


Prasad was running a reputed healthcare hospital in Hyderabad from the past 10 years which includes all the Services right from Master Health Checkups to the Treatment for Cure under a single roof. There were many Departments handled by him and there are almost thousands of Patients visiting the hospital on day to day basis. Thus it is getting tougher for Prasad and his team to maintain generate and deliver the reports manually to their Patients. Most of his Patients are very busy with their hectic schedule and they can’t wait there for hours together to collect their Reports personally. Hence Prasad and his team noticed that there is a large downfall from his loyal Patients visiting the hospital and came to know that some of his Patients are visiting the other Clinics for Master Health Checkup and other issues. The team understood the reason that the Patients are unhappy with the waiting time and other cost related issues.
Hence as the world is digitalized, the Team felt that they want to use technology in a smarter way to generate reports and deliver to the customer in a very short duration and almost instantly. They even thought of a solution to reduce the patients cost and time in their hectic life. Now Prasad is focussing on an idea to give customer delight in their process of communicating their health related issues, reports, and medical prescriptions, health tips and alerts and suggestions to their patients in a smarter way. Here comes Sollet’s sBuzz as the right product where Prasad can become a Client for sBuzz wherein he will get a UI interface for his company for sending manual information, reports etc to their Customer base. Each user can have sBuzz application installed available for all mobile operating systems. Prasad can also integrate his company IT systems for automatic delivery of information and reports to the Customers.