Case Studies


David, an Accounting professional working for a reputed MNC has almost 1, 25,435 professionals joined in his group in social network where he actively participates in sharing his knowledge with others and conducts discussions on Social burning issues. Many of his group members actively participate and share their views on various issues. So most of his discussions would be around the Government regulations and their policies and schemes. One fine day one of his group member, George raised a discussion on IT Professional tax and IT Returns. He started with a statement “There is no proper information from the Government regarding an error –free tax filing process. Government have to educate everyone to ensure error –free tax filing process. Most of the members shared their ideas through comments and some gave an idea to ensure an error- free tax filing process.
David came up with a statement that Government has to take necessary steps and educate the professionals on this aspect on a constant basis. Income tax Department has to intimate the professionals regarding the Income tax and other service taxes. It would be great if they can send the alert messages and remainders about their status on income tax, and it would be helpful if they can give the Statements of Accounts info where professionals can get an acknowledge-ment regarding their status on IT. Some commented that it would be great if they can send the Form 16 pdf with their statement of accounts. Thus David with the help of his group and other technocrats approached government regarding this issue.
Thus government is in search for a solution which can make their activities smoother to reduce the existing problem and realized a fact that professionals are unaware of their status on Income tax. Govt here can use Sollet’s sBuzz Application that can be used to update the process of communication instantly to the professionals in a smarter way. Each Professional can have sBuzz Application installed on their mobile and is available for all mobile operating systems. Government will get a UI interface for sending manual information including Income tax payments and other tax information etc to their user data base. Usage of s buzz application can generate improvements in error- free tax filing process. The good part is, Government can also integrate it’s IT systems with Sollet sBuzz for sending automatic information to it’s user base.