Case Studies

Educational Institutions

It’s getting tougher to communicate for Pattabhiram with his College Principals who are running almost 5 Engineering Colleges and 3 Pharmacy Colleges which are located at different Regions in India. The same problem was faced by the Principals of all the Colleges in communicating the messages, transferring the important documents etc to various stake holders. As the colleges are located in Rural/Semi Urban areas, it’s getting tougher to use the technology in an efficient way to make the day to day activities simpler. There were almost 2500 students studying under each college with almost 5 specializations under each College. Every College has their Heads for every Branch and almost had 3 Sections. Thus as the Campus is vast and it takes 10-15 minutes to move from one block to the other.
Thus there were complaints from College Students that they face problems with lack of awareness on day to day activities at their College. Some of them were unaware of the timetable and there was no intimation from College regarding the Schedules. Hence being in the Rural/Semi Urban areas they are unable to afford in buying Laptops and hence they can’t access their E-mails. In general, the study materials and presentations are currently shared by the Colleges to the Students through E-mails. There were sudden surprises to their Students regarding Guest lectures on the day of the Event. Exam results will be posted on notice boards where students walk for 10-15 mins to reach the notice board and push themselves to see the Results. There were some miserable instances where students fail to receive the intimation of Placement Opportunity at their College for the deserved candidates among the group of Students based on their academic performance. There is no proper information to their Parents regarding their child attendance and academic performance.
Thus with all this improper maintenance from the Colleges, it started losing its credibility and had shown impact on the Admissions. Though they have good Academic track record from their Students, they failed to maintain the Credibility as Students are very unhappy on their basic needs and comfort in the College. It takes lot of time for Students to pay their examination fees and clarification of doubts regarding revaluation, and other administration issues. All these issues were taken to Pattabhiram and he is in search for a solution where you can communicate instantly to the Students and make their daily activities smarter and more efficient at low costs.
Finally Pattabhiram found a solution in the form of Sollet’s sBuzz as the right product where he can become a Client for sBuzz . He got a User interface for his Colleges for sending manual information, reports etc to their College Students & Parents. Each Student can have sBuzz application installed available for all mobile operating systems. Pattabhiram can also integrate his College IT systems for automatic delivery of information and PDF, Document files to the Students instantly. He has seen sudden improvements in efficiencies of his College staff, and satisfaction levels among-st the Students.